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How I'm doing today,lol.

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 in response to positive thoughts...   Thanks for your comments. Think I will try learning to on his next day off. I've only tried once with my mom. Think if God wanted us to drive a standard he would have given us 3 feet, lol. I must get over the fear though, its our only vehicle and I would like to go for a drive and get out this house sometimes:)
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positive thoughts
Hello, Driving a standard is not that hard to learn. I remember my husband a while back bought me a standard vehicle and said here is your car. It was standard and I didn't know how to drive it either. LoL he could not teach me. I taught myself when he was not in vehicle. If it is a four gear it would be a big H and if 3 it would be a h. newer vehicles would have 5 but you will get hang of it. Best thing would be to find friction point in vehicle with clutch. When have left foot on clutch release foot slowly until you can feel when the vehicle is slowly going to move and give little gas. Don't worry it will stall from time to time until you get the hang of it. Before you know it you will be driving it. Neutral is in middle where stick moves easily from side to side.
Many blessings to you.
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